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Corporate (National | International) Publications

Ghost writer, "An Rx for Integrating Medical Facilities into a Detention Facility – Planning a medical/detention facility for future generations," Corrections Today, October 2009, byline to Tamara Clarke, AIA and Captain Charles Johnson
Ghost writer, "Thinking Outside the Cell: Expanding Safety and Security Outside the Perimeter" Corrections Today, re Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution; October 2008; byline to Dave Boehm, AIA and Wyoming DOC Director Robert Lampert, Esq.
Author, "Pump Up the Volume . . . In the Library," School Business Affairs, December 2007
Author, "Wayfinding – Trouble-free Navigation," American School & University; October 2006
Author, "Art finds niche in academic architecture; Architecturally Speaking" College Planning & Management magazine; November 1, 2005
Co-author, "Community Collaboration: Key to Success in Unlocking School Doors, " AIA-The Iowan, March/April 2005, byline to Vince Ward, AIA
Author, "Rosemont High School is Heaven Sent," Comstock Business magazine, November 2004
Author, "Justice Prevails in Downtown Gainesville," Justice Review International, Issue 3 (January 2004)
Author, "UF Scores Big Win from Swampland Investment, SEAT magazine, Summer 2004
Author, "Mega Jail Shares Services, Saves Dollars - Maricopa County Lower Buckeye Jail," Corrections Forum magazine, November/December 2004
Co-author, "Blending Cultural Sensitivity in Native American Educational Design," Educational Facility Planner (CEFPI) Volume 38, Issue 3, (Winter 2003), co-authored with Richard Begay Jr.
Author, "Not Just for Drinking Anymore: artesian wells: engineering a change in how we use natural resources," Recreation Management, October 2002
Author, "The New Young Ones: changing demands of juvenile facilities," Prison Review International (London), Summer 2002
Ghost Writer, "Carpe Diem," Seat magazine, Summer 2002, byline to Michael Brady, AIA
Author, "Coffee Creek is Oregon's New Generation Prison," Corrections Technology Management magazine, May/June 2002
Author, "Designing Arizona's Newest Food Factories for Maximum Efficiency and Minimum Cost," American Jails, January/February 2002
Author, "A Sound Judgement: Designing a Courthouse for Omaha," Prison Review International (London publication), July 2001
Author, "Design-Build: Is it The Wave of the Future for California Schools?" California Association of School Board Officials, Spring 2001
Author, "Going Native," Urban Land, March 2001
Author, "Stockcar Boom Fuels New U.S. Track Building Programme," Stadia Business (London publication), January 2001
Author, "Collegiate Facilities for the pros," Stadia (London publication), December 2000
Ghost writer, "Flexibility in E-commerce Office Planning," Facility Management Journal, September/October 2000, byline to Amanda Berndt
Ghost writer, "Design/Build: the Future of Contracting;" Corrections Today, April 2000, byline to Jim Conley, AIA
Author, "Cornhusker chorus: praise for University of Nebraska's Memorial Stadium Renovation," Stadia, (London), February 2000

*This list of publications represents articles authored or co-authored by Jodi Powers. It does not include the more than 100 articles Jodi Powers secured for DLR Group.