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One Planet magazine

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One Planet magazine was created to articulate innovative thoughts and solutions based around the 12 sectors of society:
1 arts:culture
2 communications:media
3 economics:business
4 energy, food, water
5 environment:infrastructure
6 governance:law
7 health:wellness
8 learning:education
9 relationships:empowerment
10 science:technology
11 social justice:security
12 spirituality:religion

One Planet magazine serves as a global forum where individuals can come together to discuss ideas that lead us to sustainable solutions. It is based on an unwavering commitment to creating a more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable planet. It is dedicated to solutions that promote peace and unify humanity and recognizes that each segment of society infl uences the other and therefore society must be addressed as a whole and not in individuated fragments. One Planet magazine is a working, solutions-oriented volunteer lab that encourages us to become engaged in issues and to discuss them as a community.